LDC0 represents the ultimate long-distance laser rangefinder. It is light weight and features ranging capability up to 32 km. With reduced measurement ranges LDC0 meets high continuous measurement rates up 40 measurements per second in single mode and up to 200 Hz in burst mode.

Technical specifications

Eye safety Laser Class 1
Measurement range 50m – 32 000m
Measurement range (Standard target): 10 000m – Target size 2.3 x 2.3 m, visibility
15 km, target reflectivity 30%, detection
probability >90%
Precision 0.5 – 1.5 m depending on the distance and target reflectivity
Beam divergence 0.35 mrad
Wave length 1.54 µm
Measurement rates 10 meas. per min (up to 40 meas. per min with reduced power / range)
Control interface Serial, Ethernet
Operating voltage 18 – 32Vdc
Power consumption 3 W on standby, 7 W max on measurement
IP rating IP67, built according to MIL-810
Operating temperature -32°C + 55°C
Dimensions 172 x 151 x 75 mm with connector
Weight 2 kg

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