VPU-ST Light

Video processing unit (VPU-ST Light) is a light version of hardware processing unit that is the “brains” of the multi sensor system. It combines all the payloads and Pan-Tilt unit into a single unit for the external observer and enable a single Ethernet connection to the whole unit including access to video streams and control of the entire system. VPU-ST enables dedicated advanced protocol that includes video as well as status and control. It has a powerful built in processor, that enables functions like video stabilization and H.264 encoding.

  • Power control and communication with each device
  • Built in test for each device (BIT)
  • Integrated Ethernet switch
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet (UDP), Serial
  • 264 Video encoding for all video payloads
  • ONVIF connectivity (control and video)
  • Pelco D control
  • Two separated output video streams
  • Control and video interface through Ethernet and serial (control only)
  • Video processing:
    • Basic version of video stabilization
    • On Screen Display (OSD)
  • Connectivity: four military standard connectors; 3 x input / 1 output
  • Power: 18 – 32 Vdc; 30 W max.
  • Environmental: IP 67, build with accordance to MIL-810
  • Operating temperature range: -32 to 55°C
  • Dimensions: 261 x 185 x 73 mm
  • Weight: 3000 g

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