30 years of experience through reference projects implemented worldwide.


Specially designed off road vehicle with electrooptical system was successfully delivered


Specialized vehicle with cooled electrooptical system


DAT – CON delivered two mobile observation systems with electrooptical system and radar

Frontex – European Border and Coast Guard Agency

3 mobile surveillance systems for border security

EU project for Turkish Coast Guard Command

  • 10 mobile surveillance systems with radars for fighting against irregular immigration and organised crime
  • EU project: Supply of Mobile Radars for Enhancing the Capacity of Turkish Coast Guard Command on Fighting against Irregular Immigration and Organised Crime by Sea, reference No.: EuropeAid/138608/IH/SUP/TR

Border guard Poland

7 optoelectronic systems for border surveillance

Ministry of Interior Croatia

17 thermovision systems for border control

Lithuanian State Border Guard Service

Special SUV equipped with radar, thermal camera, day/night camera and other features for mobile surveillance and border operations

Ministry of Interior Slovenia

Mobile police station vehicle equipped with technical equipment for field operations

Ministry of Interior Austria – Bundesministerium für Inneres Austria

Off road surveillance vehicles equipped with thermal imaging cameras for security executive

Ministry of Interior Croatia

Delivery and installation of State Border special security and control equipment for green Border including stationary thermal imaging systems with radars – 3 locations

Ministry of Interior Croatia

Supply, installation and system integration of Special vehicles for executing of accomodation steps with police and other equipment

Ministry of Communications and Works Cypurs

  • Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Integrated Coastal Surveillance System
  • Establishment of fixed observation systems based on thermovision cameras, SUV’s with integrated , thermovision cameras , mobile thermovision system with radar integrated, Air observation platfroms, AIS

The Ministry of Interior of Republic Slovenia

Supply of equipment for radar system for observation of coastal border

Ministry of Shipping and the Aegean (Hellenic Coastguard in Greece)

SUV – type surveillance vehicles equipped with thermal imaging cameras

Coast Guard in Cyprus

  • Thermovision observation system for port security
  • Stationary video surveillance system for Port observation and Vessel Monitoring system
  • Upgrade of JRCC’s Camera Control Center of Coastal Monitoring System

Ministry of Interior of Croatia

  • Supply of special equipment for support to the National Visa system
  • Delivery of stationary thermal imaging surveillance system
  • Delivery of mobile thermal imaging surveillance systems
  • Delivery of hand-held thermal imaging surveillance systems
  • Delivery of technical equipment for border surveillance and control
  • Delivery of specialized motors for police acadamy
  • Supply of vehicles/vans for road transport control
  • Mobile system for Automatic Licence Plate Recognition

Customs Administration in Republic of Slovenia

Delivery of Mobile offices

Border Police in Moldova

  • Supply of Thermo vision vehicles for Moldovan Border Police for patrolling on the Green and Blue Border between Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Slovenia

  • Delivery of special vehicle for anti-bomb unit
  • Supply and Upgrade of the radar system for control of sea border
  • Delivery of mobile police station
  • Delivery of surveillance equipment for border control
  • Delivery of mobile thermal imaging surveillance systems for border control
  • Delivery of special vehicles used for executing of accomodation steps on Schengen border points
  • Delivery of hand-held and stationary thermal imaging systems
  • Supply of police vessel
  • Delivery of mobile police station
  • Delivery and installation of equipment for traffic control on International border crossing Vinica

IOM – International organization for Migration Macedonia/Border Police Macedonia

Supply, delivery and installation of Local Deployable Coordination & Communication Centre and Mobile Surveillance System equipped with EO-IR cameras and radar.

IOM – International organization for Migration Georgia/Border Police Georgia

Supply of Border surveillance security equipment for Reinforcing the Capacities of the Government of Georgia in Border and Migration Management.

Border Police Moldova

Supply, delivery and installation of Border security equipment according to the Policy Matrix on visa liberalization.