Portable observation systems are used every day by police and military to protect areas of interest. BOPAS is a remote-control target acquisition system with manual and automatic monitoring capabilities. Compatible with all leading manufacturers of multisensory camera and radar systems makes it ideal for integration.

A lightweight tripod carries the Crawler high performance positioning system that offers the accuracy required for devices that are used in demanding front line observation applications. The system has a short-range wireless link and direct cable connection capabilities. It is powered by a high-performance battery set capable of sustaining the system with full operational capabilities for up to 10 hours. New generation of BOPAS system was developed based on our extensive experience from the field. It is extremely durable, rugged and easy to use.


  • Portable system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Long range wireless connectivity
  • High performance control unit
  • Control software
  • Military grade protection
  • Autonomy up to 10 hours
  • Multiple communication options
  • Integrated Eth switch option


BOPAS lite is a portable observation system. Almost all the equipment is stored inside a ruggedized backpack and a smaller pouch for the binocular camera, only the tripod is stored inside a sack that is firmly attached to the front of the ruggedized backpack. The whole BOPAS Lite system without binocular camera weighs approximately 17 kg.


  • Pan/Tilt Crawler with quick lock system (3,4 kg)
  • Junction box lite + Pouch for Junction box and battery BB2590 (1,5 kg)
  • Control tablet + Gamepad (1,5 kg)
  • Battery BB2590 (1,5 kg)
  • Chargers for the battery and tablet (0,6 kg)
  • Ruggediezd backpack (3,1 kg)
  • Custom made foam for backpack (0,8 kg)
  • Tripod with quick lock system(2,5 kg)
  • Cables (2,5 kg)


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