Lens Cleaning System (LCS), unlike traditional cleaning systems that use wipers, our state-of-the-art system uses only high-pressured distilled water and air to clean camera lenses. The key advantage of this system is that there is no mechanical contact with the lens that could potentially damage it or its anti-reflective coating. This advantage is especially effective on systems that are subjected to salt water, mist or sand since the traditional wiper cleaning process scratches the surface of these highly priced sensitive lenses.

With its three-stage procedure, the LCS gently and efficiently removes all of the dirt and any deposits from camera lenses. The initial design of the system is slightly complex, but it becomes increasingly practical and economically viable with the size of the multi-sensor and the number of payloads (cameras, laser range finder, etc.). The entire cleaning process is fully automated and controlled through software for maximum convenience.


Applying distilled water to the lens. Soaks the lens with distilled water to dissolve salt and build-up and prepares the lens for the 2nd stage to gently remove dirt and deposits.


Removing dirt and deposits from the lens with a mixture of high-pressure air and distilled water. A high-pressure mixture of air and distilled water is sprayed on the lens, removing all of the dirt and deposits on the lens without mechanically touching and damaging the lens.


Air drying the lens. High-pressure air removes the distilled water from the lens and makes the camera ready for operation.


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