SOVA is a C4i (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence) software package developed specifically for the border police, coast guards and navy applications. With its simple and effective design, SOVA is an efficient and easy to use tool.

Server functions as a connection point for all subsystems (Day/Night cameras, Thermal camera, Pan-Tilt etc.) and as a distribution point for data System parameters, diagnostics, imaging etc.) to all connected clients.

  • Multi-location support
  • Master-Observer management
  • Dual-camera set up
  • Recording, snapshots
  • Zoom synchronization
  • Full device control and all of its features like heaters and wipers and defog options
  • Picture in picture window fully movable and resizable
  • Zoom and focus control with settable speed for each
  • Zoom and focus dual speed on shift key
  • Control of secondary – not observed camera with shift key
  • Autofocus control with different modes
  • Full Slew to cue support with automatic lens setting and autofocus after slew to cue
  • Up to 16×16 digital zoom
  • Video tracking and object detection
  • Crosshair on display with option of movement and color selection
  • Automatic slew to cue operation, auto zoom and focus features based on calibrated cameras
  • Built in test to determine device operation
  • Supports devices such as camera, lenses, jammers, lasers, GNSS information etc.
  • full system calibration on single POI, multiple POI, gyro, GNSS, depending on equipment and scenario
  • Keyboard control
  • Joystick control
  • Mouse control
  • Touch screen control
  • Tablet control
  • Video enhancement
  • Device communication display
  • Computer overload information
  • System information display
  • Full laser range finder capabilities
  • 360 panoramic image option and navigation by panoramic image
  • Alarm management based on target detection
  • Auto patrol features based on movement teaching
  • Preset options and autopay presets


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